Rates and What’s Included

Everything is tailored to your day, including the price. Our wedding car prices are always fully inclusive and we don’t impose unreasonable time limits.

What’s included?

What we offer is far more than just a wedding car. The following is included:

  • Chauffeur-driven transport in our stretched Mini which will be washed, polished and valeted for you
  • Complementary, good-quality grande marque champagne served in beautiful champagne flutes
  • Your wedding car will come decorated in your choice of ribbon
  • We will also have available umbrellas, an emergency sewing kit and mineral water
  • Your wedding will be the only event our Mini attends that day to guard against any unexpected delays
  • Free trip for bridesmaids for short journeys of around 10-15 minutes, or second car for around £195
  • We will go the scenic route wherever reasonably possible for no extra charge – photo stops are a pleasure
  • We will arrive up to an hour early for your peace of mind, and so you can take photos with the Mini
  • We will do a rehearsal drive prior to your wedding to establish timings and the locations of venues
  • You are more than welcome to meet the drivers and see the cars prior to reserving – please get in touch
  • We are (of course) fully insured for weddings
  • We are friendly and adaptable. We do not charge by the mile, we don’t mind waiting, and there are no hidden charges or penalties. There are no unreasonable time limits so please don’t worry if things run late!

Our Mini typically costs around £300 to hire – sometimes high mileage can increase this price – please see our map to see the areas that we cover.

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