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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any other questions or require any advice.

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Why should I hire your Mini?

Our Mini is the perfect way to make sure your last journey before your nuptials is one to remember. It’s a unique car, so whether you’re a fan of Minis (new or old), have had them in the family or just fancy something different, then it’s the perfect way for you to get to your wedding. Our Mini also gives you the flexibility to have a few minutes to yourself on the way to the reception – it will be a busy day, and a lot of people appreciate a chance to breathe.

I only need transport to a single venue. Do I need a wedding car?

Ultimately it’s up to you! Whether you’re going to one venue or two, we are happy to wait until after the service so that both the bride and groom can have a short trip in the car afterwards. If the bride is staying overnight, we can take the groom in style (or any other member of the bridal party), and then stay until after the service for a short trip.

The church is only ten minutes away – why is it so much more expensive than a taxi?

We’re not in the business to profiteer, and providing wedding transport is a far more bespoke service than something a taxi company would provide. Our price includes ribbons, champagne, plus the driver’s time which factors in washing, polishing and valeting the car, plus the journey from our base in Buxted. We also will aim to arrive an hour early, we do a rehearsal drive, and don’t charge by the hour. The price also factors in insurance, maintenance costs, fuel, marketing and of course our attentive service in the build-up to the big day.

Is the stretch Mini a genuine classic?

Absolutely, yes. It’s a 1963 Mini and was professionally stretched by a specialist garage. Despite its age, it’s immaculate inside and out.

Could the length of the Mini cause any problems?

We rehearse our routes prior to the big day so that we can check for unforeseen obstacles. Our Mini is 7ft longer than a normal Mini and so there are a couple of considerations to be aware of. It has a reasonably large turning circle, so we’d recommend letting us know if there are any places where a van might struggle to get through.

Also, if there are speed bumps or any sudden gradients, then please let us know. Normally speed bumps aren’t a problem (particularly the mound-style ramps that you can semi-avoid), but our Mini is low to the ground and has a long wheel base, so it’s something we always like to double-check first.

Do you have any other cars available to hire?

Yes, we do! Our collection of classic wedding cars also includes a traditional Bentley and Rolls Royce, or if you’re still looking for something different, then we also have classic British Morris Minors available; one open top, and one Traveller. For bridesmaids, we have two Jaguar XJ8s, available for around £195 as a second car.

How many people does the Mini seat?

Our Mini seats five passengers; four in the rear, and one in the front passenger seat. The seating is arranged like a black cab with two pairs of seats facing each other. This means there’s plenty of legroom – even with your legs completely outstretched you wouldn’t be able to touch the seat opposite.

Who owns and drives the Mini?

Keith owns our Mini, and is normally the chauffeur on the day. He’s friendly, happy to help and will be your go-to man on (and before) the day. He’s also mechanically minded and only ever drives for weddings, so he’s very experienced. If Keith is unavailable, it will likely be Tom driving, who again is experienced and friendly.

Can we see the car before hiring?

Yes of course, it’s something we encourage. We’re based in Buxted, near Uckfield. We don’t have a showroom, but we’re more than happy to introduce you to our cars and drivers by appointment. We never pressure you to make a decision on the day, and there’s absolutely no pressure to book.

Can we hire more than one car?

We have four other classic cars and two more-modern Jaguars to choose from, and offer discounts should you wish to hire a second car. The second car will also be decorated in ribbons, and will be available for as long as you need the Mini for.

What is included with the cost of hire?

Everything you’d expect is included, and we’ll always make every effort to tailor our service to your day. At a minimum, the following is included in our prices:

  • The hire of a chauffeur-driven classic wedding car
  • Travel to your destination along a suitably scenic route, with the opportunity for photo stops
  • Free champagne toast and bottle of mineral water
  • The Mini will be decorated in ribbons in your choice of colour
  • Umbrellas, an emergency sewing kit and mineral water are included
  • A neutral flower display in the rear of the car, if you wish
  • Free trip for bridesmaids if the venue is within 10 minutes

What are your rates?

Our prices are fully inclusive, and we don’t impose any unreasonable time limits. Our Mini is normally available for around £300. Only exceptional mileage in a minority of weddings would increase this price, but please get in touch for an exact quote.

How much is transport for the bridesmaids?

If the first venue is only around 10 minutes away, then for free we’re happy to take up to five bridesmaids first, before returning for the bride. If it’s further away than this, we’d recommend hiring a second car so that bridesmaids don’t have to wait too long for the bride. Our Jaguar XJ8 would cost £195 as a second car.

How can we pay?

Our preferred method of payment is BACS bank transfer, but we also accept cheques. If you wish to pay by credit card, then Paypal is an option, but might incur an extra charge in the region of 3%. To hire our Mini, we first require a £100 deposit to reserve the car, and then final payment would be due a month before the wedding.

How long are we entitled to use the car for?

We’ll be there for as long as you need us! Your wedding will be the only one our Mini will attend on the day, so we’re not going to be clockwatching.

What if we’re running late on the day?

Trust us when we say almost no wedding will run to schedule! We do our part in making sure we’re there nice and early, but this doesn’t mean we want to dash off.

What is the process required to hire the Mini?

You’re more than welcome to view our Mini before booking. Once you wish to go ahead, we require a £100 deposit. No further action is required until a month before the wedding which is when final payment and the wedding planner form will be due back.

When is the best time to book?

Most people book around 9-12 months in advance, although some book sooner, and some later. Our peak days are Saturdays, and peak season is June to August. Bear in mind that the Mini is unique to the area, so on some days there can be a lot of demand for it, and it can only do one wedding a day.

What if I need to cancel?

A £100 deposit is required to book our Mini which is unfortunately non-refundable due to the long lead time and limited availability of our Mini.

  • If you cancel over 6 months prior to the wedding, no further charge will be made
  • Between 3 and 6 months before, we will require 50% of the outstanding balance
  • If you cancel less than 3 months before, we regret we must ask for full payment

What happens if it snows?

We will do everything we can to get you to the wedding, but we do have a duty of care. Bad weather is unfortunately beyond our control, and in some circumstances we may have to substitute the Mini for something more suitable or even not be able to use our classic cars at all. Unfortunately the possibility of snow is something to plan for with winter weddings, and in all likelihood could cause problems for other suppliers too.

What happens if the car breaks down?

Our Mini is maintained by a company which specialises in the maintenance and preparation of classic cars. They know our Mini inside-out, as does the driver who owns the car and is mechanically minded. However, like all cars we cannot rule out the possibility of breakdowns. We do everything we can to mitigate the effect of a breakdown by arriving early and making sure the car is in tip-top condition.

Should we have to substitute the car prior to the wedding, we’ll refund you at least 10%. If any breakdown should directly impact our ability to get you or your party to the venue, we’ll discuss compensation with the organiser on a case-by-case basis. A breakdown is the last thing we’d want to happen, so we will be as generous as we can in compensating you.

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