About our Stretched Mini Wedding Car


We’re delighted to introduce Max, our 1963 stretched Mini wedding car. It’s unique to the south east and has all the character and heritage of a classic Mini, but – with miles of legroom – none of the drawbacks.

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Inside and out, our 17ft stretched Mini is immaculate. It’s finished in old English white, with a dark navy blue vinyl roof. The car has been professionally stretched with an absolutely unbelievable level of workmanship and it’s the longest Mini of its type that we know of, which translates into it being extremely roomy and very practical as a wedding car.

Our Mini wedding car comfortably seats five people in the cream and blue interior, with one person able to ride in the front passenger seat, and four in the rear with two pairs of seats facing each other black cab-style. If you’re only around 10 minutes away from the first venue, then we’re more than happy to do a journey for the bridesmaids too.

Our stretched Mini is available for around £300 for weddings in most of Sussex and Kent. Our prices include champagne, ribbons, a suitably scenic route, photo stops, free bridesmaids trips where possible and no unreasonable time limits.

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